Smart Design Interiors provides full-service kitchen cabinet spraying and refinishing services. This is by far a most cost effective alternative to cabinet door re-facing or replacing. We like to say that your kitchen becomes "our" kitchen throughout the process and we treat your home with care and consideration as if it were our own. Our HVLP spray guns, high-quality primer and an industrial grade paint give your existing cabinets that new and beautiful factory finish.

Our paint is a fast drying waterborne lacquer topcoat designed for use on a wide variety of interior wood finishing applications. This quality topcoat from Sherwin Williams provides an excellent appearance over your current cabinets and is formulated for commercial use by professional spray painters and refinishers. The equipment we use is specifically designed for this application.


Smart Design Interiors offers you convenient in-home estimates and consultations. In the event that in-home estimate is not possible, your can receive your quote through email by pictures of your cabinets as well as a count of the number of doors and drawer fronts. We definitely recommend in-home estimates for the most accurate estimate and an opportunity to see our refinishing samples.

Promotions: Receive 10% off your quote when you book at the time of your in-home estimate.

Why do we offer 10% off at the time of your in-home estimate? I promise this is not a gimmick. Due to the fact that we often do our estimates during off-work hours (evenings and weekends), this time is added to our work week and takes a considerable amount of our thought and care. At this point we can take your before photos, as well as fill out your agreement and warranty paperwork. This saves us the time to come back and finalize these details in another visit. We encourage you to do your research and get other quotes first so that you can take advantage of this promotion at the time of your estimate.


**Step 1**

At the time of your estimate we discuss the project details with you (i.e., colour, hardware etc.). You can also decide if you are interested in our faux finishing options. We then schedule a day that is convenient for you to complete the in home portion of the cabinet painting (cabinets, trim etc.). **At this point, we require a 25% deposit to secure your date and prepare materials and supplies needed to complete your project**. The deposit is applied to your balance and the remainder is payable upon project completion. Payments can be made via cash, cheque, or email transfer. Unfortunately, credit cards are not available at this time. **Refunds are only issued with 3 weeks notice.** This is due to the fact that we book quite a bit in advance, and if given any less notice than 3 weeks, we have likely had to turn away other projects.

Step 2

Day 1-2 (Monday to Tuesday): We arrive on the scheduled day and first remove all cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and anything else that can be transported to the shop for spray painting and load them into our vehicle. All your hardware and screws get organized into containers and will remain on-site until reinstallation. Next we scrub your cabinets with a de-greasing solution, wipe them down, and give them a light sanding with a fine-grit sandpaper. Your floors, walls, and cabinet opening will be taped and masked off in preparation for spraying.

Day 3 (Wednesday): We then begin spraying primer on the trim, outer cabinets, island (if there is one) and anything else, as discussed with each individual client. This primer needs to sit 24 hours before topcoat in order to ensure that the surface is properly sealed and to prevent "tannins" from bleeding through the finish.

Day 4 (Thursday): After a light sanding of the primed surface, your cabinets are ready for their topcoats. We sand between each coat to give you the smoothest and finest finish possible. A few hours need to be allowed in-between topcoats, so we will be by twice that day to recoat.
Day 5 (Friday): On the last day we do a quality check, address anything that needs a bit more attention, and take off all the masking we set up for spraying. Your kitchen is all yours and you're able to move back in! You'll experience an "open-concept" kitchen without your doors and drawer fronts. Your doors have received the same treatment as your cabinets in-shop and will stay there for a week to allow them to cure. Your doors will be returned/installed in approximately 2-4 weeks from the time of your in-home spraying project completion.

Step 3

**Once the doors are sufficiently dry, we schedule a day with you for us to come out and reinstall the doors and drawer fronts**. You'll receive care instructions as well as a small emergency touch-up kit. At this point, the outstanding balance is paid and we congratulate you on your new kitchen!


Please keep in mind, that some pre-existing surface mars and/or flaws may still be evident as they are used cabinets; however, we do endeavour to correct and repair them as far as is reasonably possible. Also, keep in mind that any pre-existing texture and/or wood grain may still show in the finished product and this is perfectly normal. Please discuss this aspect of the finish with us before we begin the project.

Curing is a very important step in the spray painting process. The primer base has a curing time of 30 days, while the epoxy topcoat has a curing time of 7-10 days. We've found that the darker the finish, the longer the curing time. During this period, use care with your cabinets and during cleaning. Never use a corrosive cleaning product or very abrasive sponge when cleaning your cabinets. A regular dish sponge, as pictured above, and a grease fighting multi-surface cleaner will suffice.

Thank you for having us be a part of your home improvement project! We wish you the very best of memories in your new kitchen.